Companies and organizations are looking for creative ways to get their name out to the greater Boston community. Sponsoring and hosting events is a fantastic way of getting involved. Boston Backyard Movies helps bring a connection between companies and organizations and the community it serves. If you are hosting an outdoor event this spring or summer, an inflatable movie screen will be the best event rental you provide!

The Hurdles of Getting Sponsorships for Events

inflatable movie screen, Boston BackYard Movies’ Inflatable Movie Screens and Event Advertising, Press Play Outdoors Blog

Sponsors can be leery of offering up sponsorship dollars if the event does not have an effective medium to connect with the event audience. Too often companies will only get name mention during a speech or a banner. Most of the time companies are responsible for bringing their promotional material as well. Promotional materials and entry participation costs can make event sponsorship a high-cost way to advertise. Brands then expect their message to be spread effectively to event attendees. The limitations most party rentals have can make it hard for event coordinators to secure bigger sponsors without a clear and creative way to deliver a brand’s message to their audience.

An Inflatable Movie Screen Helps Advertisers

inflatable movie screen, Boston BackYard Movies’ Inflatable Movie Screens and Event Advertising, Press Play Outdoors Blog

An easy way to solve the lack of effective advertising for the company sponsors is to hire Boston Backyard Movies. Having an inflatable movie screen at your community or park event will create a more appealing package for sponsors to want to get involved. Here are 6 ways sponsors can engage with their audience with an Inflatable Movie Screen

  1. Boston Backyard Movies offers an inflatable large movie screen to advertise logos on the big screen as it gets dark.
  2. Sponsors will be able to have their message heard by creating a video highlighting themselves to be viewed just before the movie begins.
  3. If you are looking to have a season-long sponsor Boston Backyard Movies can hang a banner on the side or bottom of our largest screens.
  4. Integrate the sponsor’s products and services at a table that guests will visit when grabbing their popcorn, candy or cotton candy before the movie starts.
  5. An inflatable movie screen is a great way to thank your sponsors at the end of a movie and the event as Boston Backyard Movies can promote, share and thank them for their participation.
  6. Tell your sponsors they can create client satisfaction by raffling off or offering tickets to the event with reserved seating at the event.