The Corona Virus has hit us all in unexpected ways – one thing everyone will be looking for is alternate entertainment this summer. Many communities are feeling depleted due to a lack of social interaction and various canceled events. After being inspired by back porch sing-alongs, front yard dance-offs, and birthday party parades, we realized drive-in movies need to make a come back to bring birthday parties and community events back while maintaining social distancing. 

Drive-in Movie for Birthday Parties During Covid

We feel particularly struck by knowing someone doesn’t get to have their birthday party. While watching the parades of cars driving by for our daughter’s birthday with homemade signs and balloons it dawned on us! “What if the next parade of cars went to a drive-in movie?” Drive-in movie parties are always fun. They are contactless and a safe way to host a special event during COVID. Thanks to the drive-in element, you won’t have to cancel long-awaited plans due nor sacrifice social distancing.

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Inflatable Movie Screen for Future Events 

Some businesses might be able to operate soon, but movie theaters and facilities for public gatherings are likely to remain closed much longer. Luckily, a drive-in movie can be a form of safe, no contact, outdoor entertainment this summer. Families and close friends can gather in a driveway, neighbors at the end of a cul-de-sac, or even bigger community rec events in a park or parking lot. Drive-in movies allow communities to congregate and visit at a distance.

drive- in movie, Drive-in Movies Are Back!, Press Play Outdoors Blog

Your Drive-In Movie Event during Covid 

Boston Backyard Movies sets up a no contact experience with our giant inflatable movie screen. You sit in your car and enjoy a film and a meal. At the end of the event, we take everything away with no interaction and no mess for you. You can bring your favorite snack for your car during the movie or we can arrange pizza deliveries for each car ahead of time.

We hope that Boston Backyard Movies can help you create special memories even during these trying times. 

drive- in movie, Drive-in Movies Are Back!, Press Play Outdoors Blog

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