Yes, it’s still the time of Covid and it’s not stopping in its tracks for big life events like birthday parties, weddings, or even graduations. Now we are all trying to live our lives in this new world, which takes part mostly through Zoom. Thankfully zoom and live video feeds are helping with more things than just work calls. People are hosting Zoom birthdays, Zoom dates, and more. However; the struggle most people are having with these video alternatives is that everyone can’t see on such a small screen. The small screen makes it hard to feel like a BIG event, but now you can go big! Boston Backyard Movies are now hooking up our giant inflatable movie screen to the live feed of your Graduation, so they can have a Graduation Party during Covid

Throwing a Graduation Party During Covid

Graduations mark a moment to celebrate everything a person has worked towards. Graduations allow that moment to look back at how they earned something so great. It’s also a time to get excited about the opportunities and future they will have because of your work.

While this is a big moment for the graduate, of course, it’s also a HUGE moment for parents and family members who have sacrificed and guided the graduates to get to this moment in their life. Graduations are celebrations for the whole family and they deserve to watch and celebrate this momentous moment with you! 

Graduation Party, Drive-in to a Graduation Party During Covid, Press Play Outdoors Blog

Boston Backyard Movies and Graduation Parties During Covid  

When we celebrate these days we have a caravan of cars head past your house blaring music, honking horns, flailing balloons, and holding signs. Bring your caravan to the end of the driveway, cul-du-sac, or school parking lot and we will broadcast your online graduation on our giant inflatable movie screen. Friends and family will pull up to watch the graduation from the comfort, and distance, of their cars. All packages include an: Inflatable Movie Screen, HD Projector, Sound System, DVD/BluRay Player, Staff to set up, breakdown & stay for the duration of the movie. 

Don’t skip this big celebration because of Covid, celebrate it with everyone you love with the help of Boston Backyard Movies!

Graduation Party, Drive-in to a Graduation Party During Covid, Press Play Outdoors Blog